Earth is a wonderful transformer of energy as is the body, changing simple ingredients like food into energy for movement and growth. Whenever we nurture and nourish our environment and ourselves we are symbolically communing with Earth. Grounding ourselves is a wonderful way to increase our sense of being in our body and our ability to be physically responsive. This helps us to stop being spaced out or stuck in our head, overthinking. Earth is a grounding and supportive energy. The shapes of the earth energy are squares and rectangles; they are horizontal shapes that encourage the grounding of energy.

The fire element is a symbol of energy and passion. Fire also affects digestion. In order to keep the body in optimal health, we can balance the element of fire through the food that we eat. Fire is a forceful energy of expansion and transformation. The shapes that create the energy of fire are angular such as pyramids, triangles, diamonds and sunbursts. These shapes send energy quickly in all directions creating movement and change.

Water is the most plentiful element on the surface of the planet. Our bodies contain more water than anything else. Therefore, it’s an extremely important element of life. Water needs to move or flow to work best. Stagnant water breeds rotting things and doesn’t benefit any environment. Water is the release and renewal energy, represented by any shape that produces flow. Any shape that holds water, like a container, and creates a womb-like effect represents still water. Moving water shapes are drawn as cascades or ripples. This energy flows in a oneway direction, out to the sides and down.

Air is connected to the soul and to the breath of life. Related to communication, wisdom and the powers of the intellectual mind. Air carries away troubles, blows away strife, and carries our positive thoughts to those who are far away. Air functions as a conductor generating attention and transmitting energy to a certain area. With air mental power is sharp. It influences our intelligence bringing both healing and creativity. The circle is the shape for this element. In a circle, energy is constantly moving in an expanding cycle sending energy outward. This flow of energy often brings individuals into a collective commune, or community.

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