Olivia founded OH Services in 2010 as her passion for self development evolved into supporting people through the difficult periods of their life in a holistic way.

Olivia says that people have different needs and deal with traumatic experiences in different ways, and therefore she provides a tailored programme of support that ensures the right approach for each individual.

Of her approach to tackling mental health issues she says:

“I believe everyone is different, with unique needs and aspirations so I use an integrative approach to apply and integrate the most suitable solutions for my clients. Within my practice, I also apply (where necessary) a holistic approach to help clients enjoy the essential benefits of wellbeing and healing processes.”

Olivia is an Accredited Counsellor, EMDR Therapist and Workshop Facilitator with over 10 years work experience in the mental health sector having worked for organisations like Solace Womens Aid and City & Hackney Mind and established her organisation to support people who want to develop their lives on a personal level and reach their best potential.


Olivia Haltman (OHServices)
Integrative Counsellor and EMDR Therapist
M: 07577 565 218
W: www.ohcounsellingservices.com
                                                                E: ohservices@counsellor.com

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