There are eight lunar phases that link to a specific purpose. Nature’s Rhythm Yoga comprises four corresponding dynamic sequences that complement the energies at play during the four main phases. These are called: Chandra salutes, Sun salutes, Shiva- Shakti sequence and Egyptian salutes and these have been added to the appropriate phases here.

New Moon – (Chandra Salutes)
Every New Moon, we have the opportunity to manifest a new beginning to our lives, a chance to awaken and walk a new step toward our destiny. The small bud on the bush is preparing to open and flower at the ripe time. When we come together with the intention to grow, we invite the universe to gives us guidance to enhance our efforts. Focus on what you want to be doing and plant the seed of your intention during these nourishing and fortifying energetic moments. Nurture your dreams and yourself. Notice gravity and move slowly to really feel all aspects of the body and to bring your consciousness to your body and inhabit all of your senses.

Crescent – Sprout
Venture out of the dark. The Crescent Moon phase is an informative phase, and a time to implement your initial plans.

Waxing Moon – (Sun Salutes)
A Shoot has appeared. You can assist your dreams to manifest. The surge of energy could be your passion for personal power. Your resilient or warrior Self moves purposefully to energize your whole body, adding the fuel to power up your intentions.

Gibbous – Bud
The Gibbous Moon phase is a time to make adjustments and refinements. A tightly wrapped bud wants and is ready to expand.

Full Moon – (Shiva-Shakti Sequence)
The Flowering. A time of expansiveness, gratitude and appreciation that attracts abundance. Note that worrying only attracts further problems to process. Tune in with your heart, smile and tap into your inner teacher, your intuition. When we learn to develop compassion and affection for ourselves and for all living beings, we attune our vibratory tone to attract more of the same.

Disseminating – Fruit
The Disseminating Moon phase is a social period, a time when sharing and understanding is highlighted, a time for contributing any wisdom gained through your experiences. Release your creations out into the world, share your fruits and use the power of your human voice for transmuting negativity and for purification.

Waning Moon – (Egyptian salutes)
Relinquish former limitations. From the time of harvest comes the space to be creative. Lovingly steer your thoughts towards what it is you want in your life. Harness your energies and regroup. Refocus on what is working for you and what is working against you. Keep your energies flowing, advancing over any obstacles with loving acceptance of what is, and of all that is perceived by you.

Balsamic – Compost
The Balsamic Moon phase is a time of rest and reflection. It provides the ground for the new cycle, creating the compost where another seed will be planted. It is a time to refresh and rejuvenate.

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