Lisa worked in the banking industry in London for many years and understands only too well the pressures of modern life and the stresses it places on the body. Lots of people now suffer from adrenal exhaustion, where the adrenals are overworked by modern living this is known to effect sleep patterns, hormones and blood sugar fluctuations to name but a few.

In 2005 she also suffered from PCOS, candida and had fertility problems so after doing some research on these conditions she sought alternative advice through a nutritionist.

Through a process of diet and elimination she managed to lose two stone in weight and reduce any signs of candida, polycystic ovaries and went onto have her third baby.

Seeing the huge benefits from using dietary therapy she applied to the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London to study naturopathic nutritional therapy herself and qualified in 2012 after three years of training.

She has now being a nutritionist for six years and regularly sees the improvements that good nutrition and a healthier lifestyle has on her client’s lives.

Lisa specialises in weight loss, blood sugar imbalances and IBS and can offer you both meal plans and weight loss coaching.

Her home clinic is based in Loughton, Essex but she can arrange home visits and appointments by Skype.
Tel: 07971 640939

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