Babs tip-toed into yoga in 2008 …and never looked back …sort of.

Before yoga, Babs worked as a full-time graphic designer and when yoga stumbled on her path, she was churning out many children books.

Her first yoga class was actually where she used to work …a friend persuaded her to attend the corporate class saying “this might help you feel better”.

Did Babs feel better? Well, yes, she did.

During that class, something caught her fleeting attention and, although it took years to commit to a regular practice, eventually she got “hooked”.

And so the story goes that, eventually Babs signed up for a teacher training (which was followed by many other training, workshops and classes).

Now Babs teaches full time publicly in gyms, studios, schools, universities, corporate organisations and privately across London.

There is something in common between the Babs that used to design childrens’ books and the Babs that teaches yoga: she encourages students to explore the practice of yoga with the heart, the eyes, and the giggles of a curious child.

Babs has a playful, kind of slow/dynamic practice, that explores alignments, linear and non-linear movements.

She doesn’t quite label the way she teaches because she enjoys making a bit of a mix between what’s yoga and what might not be necessarily just yoga.

But if you really need to put her style in a box, then Vinyasa, or a slow form of it, will do the job.

She enjoys attention to detail, mindful and playful transitions, a soft splash of anatomy here and there, very much as an exploration of our own nature…and she loves a soulful playlist to waggle her tail along.

Babs’ passion for the practice is highly contagious. Her classes are always somehow different. Her cheeky, fun personality really intermingles with her guidance to offer students a light-hearted space to just be.

Babs specialises in teaching privates, corporate and universities and is very passionate about bringing more of the yoga offerings especially to universities.

She infuses her classes with her background training with world-leading teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Naomi Absalom and Mimi Kuo-Deemer.

When not teaching, you can find Babs in craft shops or cafes (yes, she drinks coffee…well a thimble of it) where she often drags her husband and friends to have a good old laugh and a bear hug.



  • 12:00 – Nuffield City (60 mins)
  • 16:15 – UCLU Bloomsbury Fitness  (50 mins)
  • 19:15 – Virgin Active, Aldersgate (90mins)


  • 17:30 – LSE Bankside Residential Hall (90 mins)


  • 17:15 – Nuffield UBS – Fitness @5 (60 mins)


  • 11:15 – St Valentine’s School, Gants Hill (90 mins – details on Events page)
  • 15:30 – Yotopia (90 mins)


  • 08:15 – Nuffield Health, Chingford (60 mins)
  • 10:15 – Virgin Active, Barbican (90 mins)

She is also involved in the following events:

27/04 School Event Woodford

9-16/06 Sardinia Yoga Holiday (

23/06 Solomon Running Event Box Hill

30/06 Workshop in Swansea

07/07 Loughton Event

22-29/09 Sardinia Yoga


Telephone: 07814 377 394


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